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Our Festival of Music at Western Academy

“The most beautiful things are felt with our hearts,” said the Little Prince.

by Tim Keenley (WA Faculty)

jpieper_leisure_lgWe began mandatory band in all middle school grades this week. Seventy boys playing brass or reed horns: many for the first time and many of the others just getting started.

Amidst the cacophony of detonating trumpets and squealing clarinets, I remembered the warnings of a popular band director, “The primary goal for instruction in beginner band is to get the student to the second year. Most students are lost between the first and second year of instruction.” [1]

Simultaneously in the lower school, we launch a multi-year sequence of ear training and sight-singing. All this effort is worthwhile.

As we begin the fifth year of our school’s existence, let us reflect on the special gifts music brings to all of us; as we share it, create it, and open our hearts to receive it.

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