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Chess and Chivalry: A Father’s Perspective

By Albert Chincuanco

2014DadsChessTournamentFinalOne school night two weeks ago, our son JohnPaul (3rd grader at WA) walked over to my wife and handed her a nicely folded piece of paper. She opened it, and a few seconds later I noticed that her eyes glittered with a great smile. Mother and son immediately embraced and kissed each other. At this point, I thought: he must have aced a difficult test.

“Your son wrote me a love letter, daddy!” she tells me.

I said, “Wow, JohnPaul! When did you write it?”

His reply, “We wrote the letters during Chess and Chivalry.”

In a flash, I finally understood why Chess and Chivalry was taught at Western. Continue reading Chess and Chivalry: A Father’s Perspective