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Overwhelmed with Joy: Stave Five, “The End of It”

By John Rocha

UnknownOverwhelmed is a one-word description of Ebenezer Scrooge in Stave Five.  What overcomes Scrooge when he wakes up, is joy and later the virtue of cheerfulness.   The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines cheerfulness as “a mood characterized by high spirits and amusement and often accompanied by laughter.” St. Josemaria Escriva in his book The Forge, states that cheerfulness is “Christian cheerfulness is not something physiological. Its foundation is supernatural, and it goes deeper than illness or difficulties…True cheerfulness is something deeper, something within: something that keeps us peaceful and brimming over with joy, though at times our face may be stern (Escriva #520). Ebenezer Scrooge receives two gifts: joy and cheerfulness.  Joy is when we see Scrooge as a young professional working under Mr. Fezziwig and at the end in Stave Five when he awakens from his time with the three spirits.  The joy does not lapse but matures as Ebenezer does into cheerfulness.  Let us contemplate a brief moment on these two virtues. Continue reading Overwhelmed with Joy: Stave Five, “The End of It”