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Prodigal Puppet

By Tony Janeiro

“Where your heart is there is your treasure."

Fleeing through the obscurity of night the inevitable assassins, Pinocchio begins to despair. At that moment, in the light of his understanding of the utter hopelessness of his situation he espies a cottage gleaming in the distance as “snow upon the trees.” A hope lights up his heart and fuels him to seek the seeming refuge. An hour later he arrives only to discover the door barred to him. Furiously he knocks and kicks but the door will not yield to force. However, overhead a window is opened revealing a lovely maiden with azure hair, eyes closed, face pale as wax. She tells Pinocchio that no one will answer the door for all in the house are dead and that she is only at the window to await the coffin. She retires back into the house and the window shuts. Pinocchio pleads to the maiden to take pity on him, but no sooner does he mention his pursuers than he is captured, tortured and strung up on the nearest tree. There upon the gallows oak he hangs between life and death hoping against hope for his rescue. With his breath dwindling and no help in sight Pinocchio cries from the bottom of his heart his departing thought, “Father, Father if only you were here.”

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